Who We Are

At Whimstay, we think vacation rentals shouldn’t sit empty, and that everyone deserves a chance to get out and experience all the beauty the world has to offer. We know that not everyone has the ability or desire to plan a vacation ahead of time, and that paying full price sometimes isn’t an option. Most of all, we believe in spontaneity and living life to its fullest.

So, we partner with property managers (hosts) to provide last-minute travelers with great opportunities to seize the moment. Our platform allows travelers to browse the last-minute availability of amazing properties and book them immediately at incredible deals.

At Whimstay, we believe many of the best memories happen when we least expect it. Let us help you get away with friends or family, and have fun. Why not? Let’s go! Download the Whimstay App to begin your next adventure.

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How Whimstay Was Born

The founders have rented vacation properties for years. During peak season, it’s not hard to find or rent out a place, but during shoulder seasons between powdery winters and sunny summers, mountain cabins in Lake Tahoe, for example, would sit empty. The founding team checked around, and sure enough, confirmed that this is an industry-wide problem that impacts all properties for several slow months of the year. They also discovered that there is no channel to effectively list still-available properties at a promotional price, without causing channel conflicts or new challenges.

Group on a Ski Vacation
Group on a Hiking Vacation

The founders brought together the core Whimstay team to create a platform where last-minute rental opportunities could be shared with travelers who may not have the time or resources to make reservations in advance.

And thus, Whimstay was born.